Afterthoughts: Supernatural’s Everybody Loves A Clown Recap

Posted on: January 9, 2009

Recaps, are ever extreme for me. The most extreme, yet.

So as to not lose my writer’s muse, I stayed up till 3am last morning writing my mini review/mostly recap on Supernatural’s Everybody Loves A Clown. My inspiration to recap that episode grew from watching it early Sunday morning, which totally renewed my interest for the Winchester brothers.

Keeping in line with the main purpose of posting this article, here are my honest thoughts about recaps:

First of all, it ain’t easy. I am clearly not a true enough fan, considering how I cheated and had to use the transcript of the episode as a guide to constructing the recap.

Secondly, this computer that I base my blogging on is seriously running at snail speed. Between saving screencaps and uploading them to the post, it probably took me 2 minutes. On top of that, I had to endure staring at the killer Clown screencap when my computer had to take time to process the save (of screencap).

Thirdly, providing visual inserts for recaps can get cumbersome. Now I know why recap-pers get all flustered when readers rush them to produce one immediately after the episode airs on television. One, you have to decided what screencaps to use. Two, then comes inserting them appropriately. Three, there is no three but this point is to simply make this paragraph the longest in this post.

So yeah. However fun it might be to write a review/recap, I think I’ll leave a subsequent one to later. And shorten it as much as possible; without short-changing you guys of course.

Enjoy the recap!


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