Duffy Is Over The Borderline

Posted on: January 7, 2009

Duffy never fails to knock my socks off. Which, I am glad for. Considering how much  I resent wearing socks…

So here we have Duffy attempting Borderline, originally vocalised by the (still) reigning Queen of Pop, Madonna. Obviously, Duffy took the 80s flavour out of it and made it her own, which completely works for me. She turned it into a honeycomb and blooming daisies affair, that’s what.

Oh, when Duffy sings lighthearted and upbeat songs, don’t her voice make you think happy thoughts?

To give you some room for comparison, here’s Madonna‘s version:

(the audio’s cranky. you might want to turn up your speakers for this.)

Hope to hear what Duffy has install for her next album! 😀 (can’t wait!)


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