The Marina Bay Countdown to 2009

Posted on: January 4, 2009

Oh, Merry (belated, much?) New Year to all!

I don’t know how you guys felt about the Marina Bay Countdown celebration, but as usual, it sure gets me in the mood for criticism.

Ah, so the programme begun with The Strikeforce striking a chord with Rihanna‘s Please Don’t Stop The Music. Later, out sprung Michelle Chia, Fiona Xie and Andrea Fonseka lip-syncing to the chorus. Endlessly and very much painful to watch. As my brother had exclaimed, “Why would you want to pay 18/25 bucks for the show, to see them lip-sync?”

It ensued with a fiery number from Taufik Batisah; titled, There She Goes. Sad to say, the lyrics weren’t enunciated. Hence, the chorus when he ran off to: “There she goes…” and the rest of which I could barely make out, “… And want my heart”, sounded more like: “There she goes, baby one more whore”.

Okay. Sounded mighty wrong, especially when he pointed to a dancer (dressed like a semi-belly dancer) who was twirling about him during the entire song, for the finale (where he ends with said line).

Next came Hady Mirza. He had his own take on The Script‘s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, which turned out to be mellow and R&B-ish. We could have done away with those back-up dancers though. Hello, The Script and accompanying dancers to their songs?

A terrible blend.

Ash, whom I was surprised to see going solo (wasn’t he fronting By Definition?), performed Paralyzer. To which Fiona Xie introduced as what I heard as Carolizer while my mom misheard it as Terrorizer.

Then came the comedic inserts to brighten up the night. Or so it was intended to…

Partially. The best comedic performance had to go to Sebastian Tan. I had truly regretted to not attending any (one at the very least) of his Broadway Beng shows! I’m sure it would have been a knockout. Which, he did so to both Barbarella and the ever sickening reprisal of Phua Chu Kang.

First of all, I had no idea if the three were working on a script. If it was an improvisational act of comedy, Phua Chu Kang probably made the least sense when trying to out-promote his neatly stacked Ferrero Rocher in order to impress Barbarella by saying, “Pyramid of the Caribbean”.

Trying to inject humour by punning Pirates of the Caribbean? (forced laughter)
That didn’t even make sense! (interestingly, he actually frowned at his own antics on the spot!)

Ah, that was the moment when Tom Jones‘s Sex Bomb and The Ting Tings‘s Shut Up and Let Me Go were covered in the segment.

The rendition of Shut Up and Let Me Go by Barbarella was bordering on cringe-worthy, but the Sex Bomb segment sure spiced everything else up.

Oh, if there’s anyone who ruined chart-toppers, that would have to be Fiona Xie. I had no idea what the whoever-was-in-charge-of-deciding-who-performs-what was thinking. Fiona belted So What by Pink, followed by Katy Perry‘s Hot N Cold.

Thank god for not pulling a Lady GaGa.

Anyhow, it didn’t help that Xie was decked out in her candied pin-up girl outfit and cheerily prancing about the stage with her crew of dancers. Sorry, but that was absolutely ill-fitting to the performance.

Soon after, Jade Seah, Michelle Chia and Andrea Fonseka went all jazzy and saucy. The songs sung where Beyonce‘s Crazy In Love and The Boy Does Nothing by Alesha Dixon.

Next up, Tay Ping Hui did a Jason Mraz and sung I’m Yours. Shawn and I figured it was better than Fiona Xie‘s performance.

In tribute to our first ever, oh-so-honourable, F1 night race that was held in Singapore, Adrian Pang let loose with Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf. I would have preferred to have the title altered to Let It Rot. After all, doesn’t it sound a notch cooler?

Kevin, are you hearing me?

To save the best for last, River Maya was presented as the final act. In all predictability, their hit song, You’ll Be Safe Here was performed.

To which I recall, didn’t Xie attempt a momentary show-stealer moment when she mimicked the guitarist’s passionate strumming (with the added exaggerated dramatisation)?

Cool it girl.

The segment of the programme which thoroughly exasperated me? The anti-climatic fireworks display.
It went on for 10 minutes. 10 dull and uninteresting minutes. As contributed by the fireworks all sharing a common pattern (that blooming flower and dandelion effect).

The only thing that salvaged the tough to tolerate 10 minutes was the musical score. It brought the display of fireworks to a whole new emotional level: tragedy and nostalgia, contrary to the cheery facade of fireworks.

Alright, my post shall end here. Now, I shall begin on my hour-long late night indulgence of the Winchester brothers. Channel 5 needs to seriously consider ceasing the airing of Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights and bring Supernatural back!


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