All-Tribes Get Together @ Sentosa

Posted on: January 4, 2009

To which involved plenty of lounging, sea-gazing and poignant silences. It was also the time (first, in actuality) when I spent chatting with Falisha, my classmate, for hours.

A pleasant experience to undergo under a mildly scorching sun and fairy windy day.

Now for the true verdict on the gathering. It was, to say the least, distanced, (tremendously) less amped in red camp fashion and the first time I found it rather meaningless to pay 3 bucks to enter Sentosa.

Kudos to the organisers (Cheryls, Tricia and Gladys) for their effort. Frankly, it is tough to act as the gelling agent for a gathering. Which reminds me. Note to self: being an events orgraniser is never an easy job. First of all, you have to be able to assess the participants of the self-organised event of choice. This is to enable you to plan the itinerary and be able to bark orders at the participants, and get them to listen (and follow through with your plan).

When all said planning fails, you have to have backup plans. Otherwise, your former planning has to be ultimately foolproof in order for it to run in perfect order. Though the lesson to take away from today’s gathering simply was, being affirmative. To lead, is to be sure.

Hence, the lack of affirmation made everyone else aimless and all cliquish, falling back on their comfort zones.

Well, these are all personal opinions. I hope that no offence is taken by the organisers. I really felt you guys tried your utmost to work things out. Again, thanks to the 4 wonderful girls who made it (the meet) happen.


As the aftermath of failed attempts (we played ice breaker games such as the newly enhanced Whacko, to Double Whacko, and the Ouch, Handiplast game) to bring all the participants of the all-tribes get together, Falisha and I drifted from one spot to another on Palawan Beach.

Personally, I preferred to sit around the coast as the sand was finer. The sand further away from the coast was uncomfortably coarse, it poked the soles of your feet when it gets trapped in your sandals. Especially birkins. Ouch worthy.

They was also the time when I coined the term “Sand in my Sandals”. I found myself annoyingly repeating it (mostly to myself) whenever sand well, got into my sandals.

I actually wore birkins. But heh. The pain is all the same.

Ate a party-sized (single portion) bag of chips by the coast, sea-gazing, observing beach goers goofing off… Most of which I attribute to lounging.

It was all laid back, accompanied by idle chit-chat, until I decided to forgo my whole effort of shunning the great seas. I ended up squatting by the oncoming tides and wetting the bottom of my shorts. I took care not to wet my entire self, considering I had valuables in the pockets of my shorts.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening sitting on wet sand and aimlessly throwing wet lumps of sand into the water. Just scoopin’ and throwin’. Scoopin’ and throwin’.

Changed and managed to beat the beach goers crowd to the shower facilities.

I had intended to not wash my hair and just go for a quick shower. However, I derailed upon failing to effectively dodging the showers of water from the shower head that is built directly above one’s head.

Prepped, and headed to Vivocity (once again) to meet Nicole.

Had a Long John’s Silver dinner (was craving for Fish and Chips) and a Starbucks desert.

Okay, so I had made the mistake of ordering the Iced Caffe Americano of Starbucks. The effort had been in vain, considering how I missed out requesting for the addition of milk to it (i am an absolute bimbo when it comes to cafes). Instead, I was served with an extremely strong brew of what tasted like ordinary iced coffee.

I must admit. I am no coffee connoisseur.

Had a chat session with Nicole and we left after half of my Americano was finished. Which, I have to simply warn you, never to allow the ice to melt for (iced) Americanos. They not only water the drink down (which helps to lighten the strong brew), they increase its volume!

My Tall nearly became, or rather it felt like, a Grande!

Almost spewed it out when I was down to my last sip.

Anyhow, we spent time at National Geographic (the experience had to be shared) before heading home.

The next (red camp) gathering I will be looking forward to: the 10th of January Special Red Camp Programme! (remember Nicole. we agreed to fangirl! and yes, go absolutely wonkers.)


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