Being Ignorant About Anticipated Schedules Surely Brought Pleasant Surprises

Posted on: January 3, 2009

Being able to spend the previous evening out with anyone at all was the greatest thing that happened to me for the entire week!

Last evening had me ridding me-self of meaningless and tasteless horror flicks on cable. Honestly, I feel that there’s nary any decent programmes on television anymore.

Sigh. Where oh where are you, Prison Break Season 4?

Back on track, I was supposed to spend dinner out with my family. For that, I had no clue we might be heading to either Vivocity or IKEA Alexandra (we were dining close by) after the meal. Hence, I was going for the minimalist look. Simple and as dressed down as possible.

Hey hey hey! Right after dinner, we headed straight for Vivocity! Again. Greatest thing that happened to me in years. I was so ever deprived from spending time out of the house.

Blame it on my laziness to source for activities to while away the free time on my hands.

Anyhow, we had dinner at Joe’s Kitchen, a semi-mid-range restaurant serving Thai cuisine that is a stone’s throw away from IKEA Alexandra. Since I was craving for their flavorsome Pineapple Rice, we dived in and order its medium sized portion. That went along with a (beef) Green Curry, Mango Salad, Fried Kang Kong (thai style), Seafood Tom Yam Soup and a single serving of Phad Thai. 3 bowls of white rice accompanied our meal.

To wash them all down, 3 cups of (homemade) barley water.

As for desert, we settled for Mango with Sticky Rice. It’s basically sweetened glutinous rice (cooked in coconut milk, salt and sugar) served alongside a whole mango, peeled and cubed. Coconut milk is drizzled all over the glutinous rice for its finishing touches. The flavour is both creamy and well, you’ve guessed it, sweet. Highly addictive. You have been warned.

In fact, my mom and I intend to duplicate the recipe one of these days (preferably during the mango season). It’s cheaper, considering the ingredients that are involved.

Overall, the Green Curry won me over (my mom hails it to be the most authentic yet), compensating for the fairly watered down barley drink. Prices are reasonable as well. Think tzi-char prices at the hawker centre and being able to dine under the comfort of air-conditioning, should you do so in its non-peak period.

Right after dinner, we took a bus ride down to Vivocity. Upon alighting, I was surprised (and yet quite anticipating so) at the fact that my bus ride costed me 93 cents (if you are a student below the tertiary level, transport fares are a standard 45 cents per ride).

Oh hello adult life. I am finally able to begin complaining about any bus fare hikes. Ho ho ho.

Sigh. There goes enjoying long bus rides home.

Vivocity’s basement was well-teeming with people, but it was in stark contrast to the walkways snaking through fine dining eateries. It’s truly a tragic sight, really. 2009 definitely didn’t kick off to a great start, with the ongoing recession and nasties looming ahead.

The ground storey had its monster share of people, especially in the newly opened National Geographic store. Strolling in, it truly felt like a timeless museum stuck in the midst of a busy and oh-so-modern mega mall.

I must say, they were quick to cash in on their brand name.

I read about it somewhere, somehow, and came to know that besides displaying artefacts and what-nots one can find in a typical museum, they boast an array of NatGeo merchandise. And hello, it isn’t just clothes, bags and notebooks. We’re talking about furniture as well.

All of which, do not come cheap.

I could only afford their little science kits, books and bookmarks. Although however stunning and well-tailored jackets were, one glance at the price tag and you’ll see a neat 269 (others fall within the range, if not more) dollars printed in fine print, staring right back at you.

The material’s made to last through, but seriously. If they were to keep up with such prices, how will it possibly survive, especially in this economic condition where everyone is tightening their purse strings?

Ah well. I shall picture-gaze-and-thereafter-appreciate instead. After all, NatGeo captures wonderful photographs in every issue. Somewhat like the kind I wish to capture one day, but probably never will even with a professional camera (it will be completely wasted on me).

Frankly, the National Geographic store is a great way to pass time if you aren’t much of a shopper at the mega mall. The colonial styled clothes rack are simply nostalgic while the photo gallery is very well impressive to gawk at.

Yay to history!

Spent the remaining evening at Pacific Coffee. The cafe actually has a longer title than listed by moi, but I have forgotten the rest. Let’s say the alfresco area that was overlooking the sea triggered my forgetfulness.

Now last evening was spent semi-decadently. My family and I rarely visit coffee houses, so the cafe-lounging was truly a treat. I had a blended Vanilla Latte while my mom, Iced Americano (before she deemed it too strong for standards, especially near bedtime), my dad, Mocha Brownie (i think they blended some brownies in it, as i could taste bits of it) and my brother, Hazelnut Latte.

My Vanilla Latte was unbelievably milky. Alright, so I had been told. Anyway, I embrace milk. Milkier… The better (refrain from thinking otherwise kids).

Lounged at a lacking of back support couch. Think of it as an elongated stool. Lengthwise. My mom asked if I was going to hold myself ramrod straight for the entire time we lounged. Well, I had to resign to that one way or another so I replied, yes. Pleasant swing set like sofas and cushy sofas were occupied by other customers. We had to settle. Somehow.

Further ordered two slices of cheesecakes. One Oreo, the other Chocolate. A lady at the counter gave me a huge grin when I was leaving after ordering. Smiled right back but wasn’t sure if it was a) a friendly gesture, b) a well deserved service, c) or there was something I did that caused her flash that megawatt smile.

Anyhow, the smiles were those warm ones that made you feel all happy and skippy. Whatever skippy meant.

If there’s one cafe I would recommend, it would be Pacific Coffee. No, not because I am biased upon receiving that smile, but simply because the cool evening breeze and appropriately dim setting makes it a fabulous chill-out after dinner, or over idle chit-chat with your favourite company.

Worried about prices? Serving sizes are reasonable and nothing’s too unexpected if you are a constant Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf customer.

Pacific Coffee at Vivocity is found wedged between Thai Accent and Haagen Dazs, on the second level.

Which, wraps up my post. I will be having a long day ahead come morning — starting with a much dreaded daybreak.

Goodnight for now.


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