Yet Another Sunday Morning

Posted on: December 28, 2008

Awoke to Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels on Channel 5 at 10am. Freshened up upon viewing the scenic locations of Vancouver featured on the programme.

I must say. Even though I hate Rachael Ray, she seemed a little less annoying and attention grabbing in Tasty Travels than when she’s hosting her own talk show.

A few moments later, my parents invaded the room with Timee (the only male canine in the family. breed, Chihuahua) in my dad’s arms. He looked thoroughly displeased and grumpy upon arrival, but he warmed up well enough when he was deposited on my bed.
It is a real tragedy, seeing how two bottom teeth has gone crooked with age, crudely protruding out his mouth. I guess he had his days of charm.

Then again, looks are secondary.

Though his character isn’t making up much for his less charming looks now….

Lugged him off the bed and went straight to the kitchen for brunch. For which, I had the following fare:


Fried rice with chewy streaky bacon bits, green peas and eggs,


boiled sausages for protein,


a sandwich with a 2 day old sandwich filling of tuna, corn kernels and mayonnaise,


the base of which is a home-baked bread, courtesy of my mom.

I know. Carbs on carbs. Total diet criminal offence.
However, may I feebly justify myself by saying that I ate merely a hand-heap-ful of rice, which completely allows me to balance the daily carbohydrate intake.

Otherwise, sue me.

Anyway, to wash it all down…


A mug of frothy milk.

No, I never had intended for it to boast a foamy top. It could possibly be my doing of pouring milk out from a freshly opened milk carton far too quickly. Yet again, I am no genius. So I shall end my discussion here.


For dessert, my mom whipped up a sago pudding. She didn’t mould it to become pudding like, but hey, who’s concerned about presentation when it comes to home cooking?

The pool of milky white substance drizzled all over the top is actually coconut cream (with hints of cinnamon in there. not required in the recipe. it was a left over from another dessert) while the black puddle at the bottom is gula melaka (otherwise known as palm sugar).

The taste is as it is, characterised by its ingredients. Thus, I leave it up to your imagination. 😀

Now, what’s Sunday without the mutts, right?


Say hello to a once-teasingly-mentioned-to-be-infected-with-rabies Jazmyn. She is quite a cuddle in the family. Very loved. Very.
She is also the youngest of the lot, and the naughtiest. I often convince myself that the bad habits of the other preexistent mutts were rubbed off on her.

Exasperation. Simply, frustration.

Anyhow, I thought she held a poise of a well-mannered lady in this pose. Some poetic photo this is too; with the shadow play and all.

Later in the morning, right about early afternoon, I caught Hazel happily trotting behind my dad, hoping that he would spare her a crumb from his bread. Heh, that greedy pooch.

As the sunlight was casted through the window, she stood at that very spot in the balcony, staring eagerly at my dad which was seated at a swivel chair in that very location. I loved how the sunlight highlighted her chiffon coloured coat and would have brought some artistic value to a well-taken photograph… But I missed it.

She lumbered away.

Ah, Sundays. That final, conclusive day to the week. I once considered Sundays to be chore to sit through as school begun the following day. However, as I needn’t attend school as of next week… Sundays are beautiful.

Once again.


1 Response to "Yet Another Sunday Morning"

Jazmyn’s pose is so lady-like! I totally want to cuddle her! I’m afraid she’ll bite my ear off though. Will she do that?

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