A SEA Sunday

Posted on: December 28, 2008


Apart from the 12 sinful delights as mentioned a couple of posts earlier, Suzanna, Euis and I had a casual get-together at Euis’s apartment.

Upon arriving, we busied ourselves pondering about lunch; only to settle for KFC (as we did on games day). Simply couldn’t resist the thought of juicy fried chicken.

Mhmm mhmm.

For starters, I brought my sandwich of tuna and onion filling, lettuce and tomatoes and quartered it to share. Lunch came a little into the afternoon, so we drunk 7-up and smothered cupcakes with delish buttercream frosting.

A nutritionist’s nightmare. Thoroughly.

Around 2, the doorbell rung out and our lunch order was served. Moments before, we played a round of UNO (with Suzanna dead set on winning a round. at the very least.) and watched cable television.

Fried chicken thighs and drumlets, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and some chicken strip of a fillet were spread across the entire coffee table. We dined out front in the living room, accompanied by an encore telecast of the MTV Video Awards.

Probably the most hilarious joke was cracked on Kanye West when he belted out Love Lockdown. You see, he had a tribal theme for his music video and equal influence to the song’s tune, right? For his performance at the awards show, he had a row of tribal people lined up behind him, in the shadows, while he synthesized (quite lousily) his way through the song.

We claimed that he could have paid those poor people dressed in tribal outfits US$1 for accompanying his performance and to make things worst, he hid them in the shadows.

Frankly speaking, I’d rather him not perform Love Lockdown live. It kills that full-bodied feel that you get in a studio version.

After a while, we proceeded with a dangerous play of vocal agility: Snap. Never, ever, belittle that card game. It sure awakens you, especially if you are stuffed with fried chicken and sleep is the only thing on your mind.

(i don’t know about you, but i do feel drowsy after over-stuffing myself with food in a meal.)

Emerged champion.
Probably the only time I won.

We sat down for more television programmes before playing Truth & Dare. Or, that was what we had initially planned to name it. Ended up playing Truth & Truth. (rarely does anyone want to be challenged by a dare)

Threw questions back and forth, revealing secrets after secrets…

(Psst. Euis. Remember red?)

As I was feeling bloated with fullness after our lunch, I ate a cupcake and brought 3 home. Thanks Euis! And that was how we concluded our possibly final meeting.

I hope the hectic schedule ahead us doesn’t pull us apart for long.

Anyway, as the old saying goes… Absence, makes the heart go fonder.
Missing crazy days with you girls already!



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