That Hint of Citrus

Posted on: December 27, 2008


My parents and I headed to Fairprice Finest, the finest supermarket around town, at Bukit Timah Plaza 2 days ago. Going about our usual grocery shopping (where we would be undoubtedly detracted from our constructed shopping list. shopping lists are always taken lightly in our family), we chanced upon these mandarin oranges that were air-flown from South Korea (i doubt the North has any food to offer for export).

Truly, they beat those typical mandarin oranges you would purchase for your Chinese New Year visitation exchange. Trust me.

(At glance, it reminded me of tangerines; just medium-sized.)

Think delicate sweetness and that oh-so-perfect borderline tartness. It tastes not too over the top, plus! It’s seedless.
Easy to rid it of its skin as well.

Thus, if you ever visit the supermarket soon, why not give it a try?
(It’s going for $3.20 at the moment.)

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