Official Post Red Camp Gathering: Cenvikings

Posted on: December 27, 2008

Alright. So I was indeed gravely scanning the main bus stop (of Ngee Ann Polytechnic), which was our reporting venue, at 1pm, our reporting time.

My, wasn’t that a long sentence?

Anyhow, the scene at the main bus stop of Ngee Ann Polytechnic was quite like those Western themed movies where dustballs tumble across the deserted desert. Or any movie that features a deserted desert.

Anyway. Things were slowly and steadily warming up once we were ushered by a couple of Student Leaders (SLs) from the Vikings and Centurions to a classroom. There were more SLs hidden in that room. Eccentric ones. Mostly.


Met couple of friends through ice breaking games and the entire event lifted off from then. First, an Amazing Race.

Well, we were broken up into 3 groups and each had to coin a name of ourselves. We were C first. See first. Get it?

(you must be obviously staring blankly at your screen and wondering… “Am I supposed to laugh at that?” And probably break out laughing… snidely.)

We set off to King Albert Park. First clue, first destination. It was an arduous walk, considering the fact that the sun was scorching everything beneath it. As usual, in extremely, skin-cancer-inducing sunny Singapore.

Aside from the not-so-perfect weather, we arrived at King Albert Park after a stroll. Task: to scour the premise of Cold Storage for items which are red, green, yellow and blue. The twist being, the blue item has to be edible.

Think. Think. Think.

After brisk walking past a couple of lanes (mostly those of food), we picked an apple for red, a granny smith for green, a lemon for yellow, and a box of Clorets for blue.

Honest to lord, I had no clue as to why the items we’ve picked were all edible.
Anxiety. It must be.

Oh! And I have forgotten to mention that all those items must be under 5 bucks. One more thing. It must be done under 10 minutes.

With that said, we were at the cashier in no time. Exclaimed, “We’re done!” and proceeded to receive our next clue. Not before a thorough check to ensure we got all the items right and being informed that all of those items were meant to go into our Christmas hamper.

Hah! Fancy receiving a lemon in a hamper? Most novel fruit yet!

Headed back to the campus to uncover the next station (as led by clue). Paused at the Ngee Ann Open House poster out front to take a group shot. It was necessary; though it wasn’t one of the task requirements… Part of a promotion?

Next, we ended up at a yellow submarine. Yes. You heard me right. A yellow submarine!

Truth be told, it is a miniature version of the real deal. Hold yer horses eager mcbeavers!

There, we were instructed to perform a bunch of things with hula-hoops. Basically, it was a team-building task, paired with a prelude of the water warfares to come. Us (campers) mostly at the losing end of the battle. More later.

For starters, we had to use one finger to lower an elevated hula-hoop (which was supported by a bunch of our fingers). Subsequently, the game was switched up and let’s say… We ended up drenched (slightly).

Moving on, we marched our way to the convention centre. Okay, so Matthew was the clue’s main objective. Which, led us to the said venue. (Matthew’s famous at Ngee Ann. Just look up when you arrive at the convention centre’s front!)

The station we had to complete there… Wasn’t the least pretty. In terms of task fulfillment.
Picture this: 13 people (or more) sharing a sheet of ripped at the seams garbage bag and being relentlessly sprayed by a water gun from all directions.

Now the water battle was just revving up. If not, in full throttle. Alright, it was the latter.

The task required us to stand on the bag for a minute, while being sprayed by a water gun. Then continue to fold the bag until it is reduced in size. Gradually, less people are to be standing on it.

After being gunned with water, I admitted defeat (almost gratifyingly). The worst had yet to come.
We posed for a group shot during the conclusion of the task and was attacked by an unforgiving wave of water. Some SL did it. (feeling guilty? ehem ehem.)

Off we went to the next station. Filling up cups of water (punctured ones) and passing the water from a cup to another. Kind of game.
Being thoroughly traumatised (from the unexpected water attack), I tried to steer clear from being drenched by the water all over again. It’s terrible to end up with soggy socks and sneakers. Agree?

(i suffered from them all through rainy school days. the feeling isn’t one worth reliving!)

Several revenges later (campers armed with water versus SLs), we were on to our next venue: the Green Mall.

This time, it was all about breaking the silence. Objective of the game: yell the (random, i like) lines you have on your team’s paper so that 3 helpless victims standing the midst of it all are able to jot them down.
Why helpless victims? Imagine being blindfolded and sprayed with water. Such a feeling.

Our group crumbled into teams once again and begun screaming phrases/sentences such as “My granny smith is sour” and “Mow the lawn”. Those were on our team’s paper.

The other half of the task (to guess for a clue?) went by in a flurry. Soon after, we ventured to the last venue. The Atrium.


Toughest. Task. Ever.

16 words, scattered all over The Atrium. Sounds simple? You have to see it, to believe the uphill battle campers fought to uncover the words. Straining, to say the least.

12 words later, we were piecing the puzzle pieces together to form a likely sentence. That was the objective.
We couldn’t find the other 3 (1 word being cleared by the cleaners), but we left the place for the classroom, where we convened earlier.

Pictionary, anyone?

I never had those magic doodling fingers, so I avoided (at all costs) to volunteer or be in the running of being a doodler for Pictionary. Those doodles don’t come cheap. We gained points for guessing them correctly!

Valuable. (points.)

C first was not leading for Pictionary (the other two teams were Amar and Blackout), but we caught up during Charades. Got to hand it to our SL, he had to the brains for movies (the theme)!

Emerged champion.

Yay for Charades!

To dinner, to dinner, to dinner we went. First and foremost, I changed out of my mucky clothing. Then dinner.

Buffet styled, we tucked in to casual fares. Mostly finger food, with the exception of the mee siam flavoured beehoon. During dinner, we weren’t spared from torturous fun and games. Treasure hunt!

Then those racy and risque ice breaking games were unleashed upon us. It included passing a fry and worst yet, a strand of beehoon!, through our mouths/lips. Someone suggested a fishball, but that would have shared the same fate as a M&M.

Keeping everything clean, we stopped at the strand of beehoon.

Pageant time! Our nominated Mr & Mrs Hot and Mr & Mrs Cenviking graced the event. Craziness abound. You have to be there, to believe it.

Group photo-taking ensued, then gift exchange. Or it was more of a musical chair inspired gift exchange. I was gifted with a Shock! party game. Naughty.

Thanks goes to Samantha! (who?)

(i was tempted to type that bracket down because of the sitcom Samantha Who! that and because i never got to find out who she was…)

Anyhow, many thanks lovely!

Said our final goodbyes (rounded it up with a mass dance, plus an encore) and left for the bus stop.

What a day. Truly.



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