And This Feels Like Christmas

Posted on: December 27, 2008


I absolutely adore this shot. Don’t you love how outstanding the jar cover looks against the backdrop? (the backdrop being a placemat)


Nicole, being such a darling (and artist), gifted me with this wonderful Christmas cookie marvel in a jar. I love cookies in a jar. I don’t know why, but don’t the two radiate a homey and warm feel?

Admit it. You think so too!

After much persuasion (and to my steadfast agreement), I picked this pastel blue coloured jar cover, contrasted by juicy ladybugs (though eating it never crossed my mind. yuck.) and leaves matching those of rich storybook illustrations. Beautiful.

She had other jar covers which were all patterned differently. All of artistic perfection. Picture a palette of complimentary colours. Envy!

Savoured every last crumb of the cookies. Hey, you have got to hand it to those lovely bites. They were butter-tified and nutti-fied with hazelnuts. Courtesy of Famous Amos.

Finger lickin’ goodness!

Last but not least, thanks for the cookies love!
(saved the jar at the end it though. definite!)


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