A Prelude to That Sunday

Posted on: December 27, 2008


I figured since my eyelids are close to drooping and that annoying little clock at the top right hand corner of my screen is reminding me of the lateness there is (3am is drawing near), I am going to round up today’s text flood with a brilliant shot of 12 sugary goodness of cupcakes.

Trust me. We topped those chocolate cupcakes with 4000 inches of icing, you would not want something tiny like an ear stud to fall into it. Your ear stud would probably be lost in frosting.

Anyway, all these 12 wonders (i think of it as a prelude to Christmas. 12 days of Christmas!) are baked by my wild child of a friend, Euis. She baked those chocolate cupcakes to be moist and mildly sweet, considering the troubling icing we piped/smeared on them.

Heh, artistic speaking, my “art works” FAIL (those green icing). Yes, what you see is all of my creation. I should try sticking stick to lettering. Nary an eyesore of a blob, right?

Oh, and if you were wondering what SEA meant (it’s on one of the cupcakes), it is actually an acronym of the first letters to each of our names, put together. (Suzanna, Euis, Alyssa)

Try spotting my cupcake! (and the rest of SEA)

Alright, got to drift off to tralalalala land now. Will elaborate on that kooky Sunday later in the morning. Sunday morning.

Uncanny, don’t you think?


1 Response to "A Prelude to That Sunday"

Damn, that’s some sad looking, but nevertheless amazingly tasty, cupcakes.

Haha, next time when you guys crash my house, I’ll just frost the cupcakes myself. And maybe leave a few plain so that you two can customise it.

And maybe I’ll bake chocolate chip cookies too. Mmm…

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