Going GaGa

Posted on: December 16, 2008

Lady GaGa-The Fame [Front].jpg

Lady GaGa churns out electronic pop like no other. She differs from Katy Perry, who is pure pop with a wee bit of electronica, and a little less sleek.

That’s what I enjoy about both singers. They don’t clash in terms of genre as they reinvent it to their own. However, I lean more towards Lady GaGa when it comes to instant likability.

Come on. The cover art is enough to win your over, let alone the music!

It all started when my friend broadcasted it on her portable speaker. At that moment, I had never really noticed her brand of music, nor did I bother to sample her songs (this is based on the fact i’ve heard of her). One way or another, her tunes were resounding and sleek, which reminded me of Justin Timberlake‘s FutureSex/LoveSounds.

I won’t say she won the fight against Justin, but admittedly, her songs are more likable. One: they have shorter lapses, which cuts out the tediousness of finishing the entire track (Justin fell victim to that). Two: there was something different about her. She wasn’t another Timbaland generic, which made listening to her far easier. (no offence, but Timbaland is getting a little bland now. if not, overplayed.)

If there is one album to recommend this Christmas (to play during house parties), it would be this. Trust me, you will have your guests bopping to every tune.



1 Response to "Going GaGa"

Wow! Thanks for that! I was contemplating on whether to try it or not! 😀

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