Today, like any other day…

Posted on: December 10, 2008

Before I get round to (finally and assuredly) post a review about Love Amplified, Singapore’s first World Aids Day concert (which i have edited for possibly the 8th time now), I shall share a little of what went on in my life today.

I woke up at 11.05am this morning. To which, I felt extremely remorseful about. Indeed, I slept at 2am in the morning and awoke at the right time in order to fulfill that ample 8 hours of bed rest, but! I still felt guilty about waking up late.

Essentially, I should be getting up early. One: Hazel, my spoilt pooch, needs to clear her bowels every morning. My mom has been telling me to take over that responsibility way before the O levels started.

Till now, I am still allowing the dawning sun to bake my lazy rear in bed, while my mom/dad has to leash her, bring her downstairs and probably suffer (from time to time) with her tempers. Depending on her day’s willingness to hurry her bowel movements.

As if the nearly noon awakening is not evil enough, I crept past (okay, not actually on my toes, but i managed to walk ever so soundlessly) my brother’s bedroom, where my mom was engrossed with watching her beloved Hong Kong drama serials, and made myself comfortable in the living room’s armchair.
After which, the cover story of Keanu Reeves and the review of his latest flick, The Day The Earth Stood Still tempted me into reading it. I did.

Honestly, my mom and I were due to catch it the week after its release. However, by the measly three-star rating and unfavourable review, I suppose my mom will second that thought.

Does that mean I have to deal with the ordeal of looking out for another movie to watch? (we have two free movie tickets to burn, that’s why)

Grrr. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa.

Someone, anyone, release a thai horror film! Pronto! (i think i’d rather scare myself silly, considering the current film selections)

Several gleaning through articles in the Life! section of The Straits Times later, my mom discovered me.

It was quite a slow moving morning throughout. I fried two hashbrowns, broiled ten fish nuggets and drank a mug of milk for lunch. Mhmmm. Dairy.

In the end, I chomped on three fish nuggets and declared defeat. Who knew that the awful smell that wafted from my wrapping of fried hashbrowns (to blot out the oil) in a paper towel could have ruined my appetite? Pity.

To accompany my lunch, I sat through 15 minutes of Rachael Ray and for once, felt educated by her programme. Reason being that she invited a once-burglar to her show and challenged him to rob a house with 15 people in it, in 8 minutes. (that was his record time)

The results were astounding. Not only did he rob quite aplenty from the family, the success was with the help of the family’s ladder (he climbed in through the second storey window).

Lesson learnt? Never let your guard down. Even if you feel secure when you have more people around in the house. Plus, install alarms around your house and have them activated at all times. People tend to shut it down during events, hence having the “false sense of security” that there are more people around to watch out for them.
Oh, and family who were “robbed” said that their alarm installer failed to install alarms in their house’s second floor because he dismissed the possibility of someone actually using a ladder to clamber in through the windows of that floor.

I swear the alarm installer guy would have made the headlines the following day.

After being bored out by Rachael’s antics, I channel surfed and landed on MTV. As always.
Thankfully, it was the Lunchtime Quickies slot, where they play a mix of music videos to entertain lunchers like me. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce was on.

Which brought me to this thought: Beyonce is truly obsessed with having a black-and-white scale to her videos for her latest album, I Am… Sasha Fierce.
Recall: If I Were A Boy. Hmm. Uncanny, no?

Anyway, loved the video. Fierce! I admire how she embraced her figure and danced in those killa heels.
I would have hobbled home if I did what I perceive to be semi-death-defying dance moves (with reference to those featured in the video).

Again, killa.

I suppose I stayed on for a while and was glad to be rewarded with Take That’s Greatest Day. Honestly, my first thought to their latest album, titled The Circus, brought me to cocking my eyebrow (specifically, my left eyebrow).
Is it an illusion? How could they possibly have an album title that runs in with Britney Spears’s (also latest) album title?

At least they do not originate from the same country.

Otherwise, would it not hurt if they released it on the same day? (which they did)

Had to head to the showers eventually.

Out of complete boredom (still), I re-watched Some Kind of Wonderful on HBO Hits. It was an 80s chick-lit about a boy who had a friend, who was a tomboy, and how he thought he harboured a crush for the school’s most popular girl.

To spoil it for you readers, he had managed to land a date with popular girl, only to find out his true feelings for his friend (the tomboy). A pretty sweet (and endearing) tale about friendship, love, and regaining self-confidence.


With that said, I got about to chat online for a while before assisting my mom in preparing food for my hate-to-love-’em mutts. Also partially whipped up dinner.

Though frankly speaking, what was supposed to be a sole settlement (dinner, that is), turned out to be partially assisted (if not, almost fully) by my mom.

The menu for dinner was going to be sandwiches with soup from a can.

Yes, I am fantastic in preparing processed food for meals. Probably the most shameless confession I have loudly posted on my blog. For the first time.

Sigh. That’s me.

With that aside, in detail, the sandwich filling consisted of mashed-up eggs, diced tomatoes, mayonnaise and mustard. Think: tangy and creamy, all at once.

Plus, the yellow from the mustard enhanced the overall look of the mashed-up eggs. Throw in the tomatoes, and you’ve got yourself a richly coloured mix! (the tomatoes were at their freshest red)

To top it all off, I unearthed a can of Cream of Mushroom and Corn (courtesy of Campbell Condensed soups) from my pantry, plonked its contents in a suitable pot and warmed it up with some milk and water.

(magical music plays) Dinner was served.

To myself, at least.

Well, my dad had yet to return from work then, so I greedily tucked in first.

Munched and slurped away while the encore of Coffee Prince (a Korean drama) was broadcasted not-so-sharply at its due time of 6pm. It came in a couple of minutes late.

Did the dishes during commercial breaks and sat down with a cup of coffee (not because i felt it was only fitting to the theme of the drama). It’s my latest guilty pleasure. The coffee. Not washing dishes.

Decided to watch the sequel of Love Blossoms, Love Blossoms 2 (both of which are local dramas) on Channel 8, but decided against it once I convinced myself that the plot was far too weak to digest. Went about completing chores.

Not before I was engrossed with the internet.

As I had intended to round up the chores in the kitchen and move on to folding clothes, the internet had momentarily distracted me. However, angelically enough, I did spend time cleaning up the blotch of pee my dog had made.

That was pretty much what happened today.

Today’s highlight being me preparing dinner.

Oh! Tip from the kitchen: if you don’t want to squish your tomatoes while cutting it, use a bread knife. Owe it to its cerated blade.
Courtesy goes to my mom, who found this tip on the internet.

Wow. I just realised I rambled a whole lot and missed the point of sharing “a little” (as mentioned at the head of this post).

Well, I must have gotten “a little” distracted myself.

Till then, read on! (the article on Love Amplified should be the next one)


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